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Arctos GPW K1

Today's Technology - Innovation, Precision and Reliability!

Sapphire crystal
All watches are constructed with a thick sapphire crystal, including the watches with convex crystal. Sapphire crystal is scratch-resistant with a hardness of nine on the 1-10 Mohs scale. Only a diamond (hardness=10) is capable of damaging the synthetically manufactured sapphire crystal. In addition, all crystals undergo a special anti-reflection treatment resulting in dials and hands that are always clearly visible.

Screw-In Crown
ARCTOS ELITE watches have a sturdy screw-in crown. Once the crown is released, the watch can be wound and the time and date adjusted. The screw-in crown mechanism protects the watch from moisture and dust, and enhances its shock resistance. The watch can also withstand extreme pressures up to 20 bars and 5 bars (GPW models) , and surpasses the waterproofing requirements of the German Institute for Standardisation (DIN norm 8310).

ARCTOS ELITE military cases are machined from a solid block of steel. The material is anti-magnetic 316L stainless steel, which is an alloy that is widely used in surgical instruments and the space industry. The raw block undergoes numerous processing steps emerging as a robust case, precision manufactured to within a hundredth of a millimetre, which protects the movement from moisture, dust and impact.

The GPW cases are manufactured from zirconium oxide (ZrO2), also know as high-tech ceramic and are available in solid black, blue or white high-tech ceramic. This material is characterized by extreme hardness (much harder than steel and cannot be scratched) and ideal for watches used in extreme environments.

All watches are powered by the finest European self-winding movements (including Swiss ETA), which undergo modifications and adjustments according to the model range. Arm and hand movements are transmitted to the rotor automatically winding the watch resulting in no need for a battery. Additional adjustments and precise regulation on each movement leads to precision accuracy. Because of this attention to precision detail and lasting durability, Arctos watches have been the choice of military units operating under extreme conditions where there is no tolerance for failure.
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