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Arctos Uhren History

Arctos History - Innovative Rise

1982 - Based on the need for a watch of highest reliability, the German Department of Defence comissioned ARCTOS to produce and supply a chronograph for pilots and submarine commanders. ARCTOS watches became official standard equipment of NATO and the German Armed Forces under the NATO reference and supply number 6645-12-194-8642.

1994 - ARCTOS-UHRENFABRIK PHILIPP WEBER was forced out of the market place as so many other watch manufacturers. The company did not have chance competing against overwhelming competition, who conquered the marketplace with low-cost digital wrist watches.

2002 - Dorothea Bachmann, a retired business woman and passionate watch collector, got to know Hans IIg. Mr. Ilg's father had been director at the ARCTOS-UHRENFABRIK PHILIPP WEBER when Mr. Ilg Jr. started his career as watch maker apprentice in 1946.

His 48 years of watch making experience led him from quality control specialist to supervisor, then department manager - responsible for assembly - to finally become director of watch production.

Hans Ilg was instrumental in the creation of the PARAT alliance of Pforzheimer watch manufacturers. It included the following watch manufacturers:

Otto Schlund (Marke OSCO),
Paul Raff ( Marke PARA),
Ph. Weber (Marke ARCTOS, PARAT),
Wilhelm Beutter (Marke BERG)
Stowa (Marke Stowa)

Mrs. Backmann plan was to continue the manufacture of ARCTOS watches. And without hesitation Mr. Ilg offered his commitment to participate in the development using his knowledge and contacts within the Pforzheim watch industry. The initial phase of the reconstruction of ARCTOS ELITE watches had begun.

2004 - 81 years after the WEBER & AESCHBACH company was founded in Pforzheim, the ARCTOS Präzisionsuhren e.K. was re-established in Aarbergen, a small town close to Pforzheim, with all financial and technical prerequisites completed.

Decades of watch making experience as well as successful entrepreneurship and business experience lead to the continued production of ARCTOS Military watches. This new line of watches quickly gained popularity among watch aficionados world wide with the introduction of these new models: ARCTOS ELITE NATO fieldwatch, Marine Diver, Black-Wave, and NATO GMT.

2007 - Continuing on the path of innovation, ARCTOS is the first German company to introduce an automatic watch made with zirconium oxide (ZrO2), high-tech ceramic, and titanium.